Deliciosa Restaurant App

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An app is an experience – one that can either get carved into your memory for a lifetime or that can fade away within minutes. And one half of this experience is provided by the design. Paying utmost attention to design is essential if you want people to remember you, because after all, nobody has the time to sign up for bad experience.

See our sample restaurant app called “Deliciosa”

Deliciosa means delicious in Spanish.  Deliciosa Restaurant serves pasta in affordable price.  Gives free delivery from app orders.  The style/theme is user friendly, modern and clean with rich images.

Workflow Description:

Screen Pages: 5+

  1. Splash page: when a user click an icon this page should be seen
  2. Login page: next page after splash page
  3. Profile page: this page shows when a user wants to edit his info
  4. Category page: this screen shows all the categories of the products
  5. Item page: a visible add to cart button
  6. Checkout page: shows credit card info and big purchase now icon

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